We as the red-U GmbH deliver a service which does not fit into the common picture in packaging business; we’re not only a design agency nor are we a supplier, an engineering bureau nor a buying agency. We’re situated right in the middle between these […]

Core competence

Our name brings it to the point: Our logo, the single letter “U” in red, reads “red-U” and is the core of “reduce/reduzieren / reduire”. Our main task is to reduce without losing. Red-U creates concepts by innovating existing products or by reinventing products that […]

Your advantage

We know the business by heart – your advantage If you want to obtain not only our design services but the whole product you can benefit from our network of cooperation producer. We cooperate with both the big players and the smaller units; that gives […]

red-U in motion

  red-U in motion: 2010: red-U creates the pallet »1.4« for the FHG-group “how it came to life” (comments in German) reducing – case study discounter-case (comments in German)  


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Key facts

07-2010 red-U is founded by Wolfgang Nothaft and Jan C. Feller 11-2010 start of the development of PAKI 1.4 03-2011 SRP-project »trojan« for P&G 01-2013 Projekt for robotic co-packing 01-2015 Wolfgang Nothaft retires 02-2015 design-efficiency award in London 07-2017 Our head office is in Herford […]